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About Bandiana Neighbourhood House Inc (Bandi House)

This not-for-profit association supports defence & veteran partners and families in our region. 
The group is independent from Defence. 
The volunteers on the committee of management (AKA Board) ensure the group stays on task and stays in line with our Mission, Purpose and Strategic Plan which are below.
The association was incorporated in 1988, however the group was running well before then supporting Defence Families within the Albury Wodonga Region. 

Our Mission

Bandiana Neighbourhood House strives to relieve the feeling of isolation in the community by providing support, information, networking contacts and social inclusion.

Our Purpose

The objectives of the Association shall be to help create a caring community and provide a focal point for services and aids to the community.
These objective cover:

  • Being available for people needing help with direct aid or referring to the appropriate resources, either a voluntary organisation or government department, generally offering help and guidance as necessary.

  • Providing access to sources information pertaining to military and civilian community and welfare services and amenities, making basic information on these readily available.

  • Remaining in close co-opeartion with the aforementioned and making the best of constant use of these liaisons.

  • Being involved in the promotion of community education programs and promoting knowledge of services, needs and resources and civil rights.

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop socially.

  • To raise, obtain and receive funds or other aid for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the organisation by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests, entertainments or other functions.

  • To apply the funds (capital and income) of the organisation towards the achievement of the objectives of the organisation according to the Statement of Purpose. 

  • To use any such monies as Government or Council grants for the greatest benefit of the community subject only to any restrictions by the grantors.

  • To hold all monies, securities and any property belonging to the organisation and invest to the best advantage any monies and hold such investments.

  • To affiliate with other such bodies as have similar objects and cooperate in mutual advice and promotion.

Our Strategic Plan

To achieve our core purpose Bandiana Neighbourhood House has 4 strategic pillars to focus our activities to reach our intended outcomes:

  1. Providing governance and leadership

  2. Understanding our community

  3. Working in partnerships

  4. Delivering innovative services

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